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Dear Member,

Now you can check your demnad of loan (if any) online for current month only.
For checking of your demand, you have to register yourself by clicking here.
Please follow the below steps to register.

  • Use a valid email ID of your own as this will be your user ID/login ID.
  • Use your full membership number as mentioned in your membership ID Card of society record.
    (Eg. N12345 or R12345 or 00012 or 23456)
  • Adhar No. is mandatory for this registration. Please submit your Aadhar copy at your base branch
    of the society. If you have not submitted yet so, your profile can be updated, Only after submission of
    Aadhar Card copy, you can register for above information.
  • After Successful registration, a link for activation of your account will be sent to your email ID provided while
  • Thereafter, you may login your email ID and click on the link sent to your email ID.
  • All will be done and you will be registered for the information. Please go to login Link and login using
your email id and password you provided at the time of registration.