The Delhi Co-operative Urban T & C Society Ltd.

Surety Loan


We, The Delhi Co-operative Urban T. & C. Society Ltd. completely understand your family's day-to-day needs.

We are here to fulfill your dream of your own house, repair of old house, extension of your existing home, education/ marriages of your children, extension of business and other professional purposes etc.

We are with you to complete all your above dream and needs through hassle free and in a customer friendly atmosphere. If you are looking such help, we facilitate you with a co-operative and truly friendly manner.

Silent Features of our Loan Scheme:

  • He/she should be Member of our Society.

  • Loan can be advance to more than one person of the family having regular source of income.

  • Individuals who may be employed/self-employed in business having regular income.

  • Permanent employee of Central/State/Defense/Police Force/Public or Joint Sector Undertaking/reputed firms/establishments/Professional/Business persons with a proper proof of income.


Purpose of Loan

  • Extension of existing business.

  • Construction of independent house/flat.

  • Purchase of independent house/flat.

  • Repair/Improvement/Extension/furnishing/renovation of house property.

  • Repayment of existing housing loan.

  • For purchase/construction of second property (independent house/flat)

  • For children Education

  • For self/children Marriage

  • Any professional purposes

Repayment Details

  • By EMI or Regular fixed amount of installments..

  • The maximum repayment period should not exceed 10 years(120 months)


Rate of Interest

  • 11.00% per annum on day-to-day reducing Balance


Other Attractive Features

  • No prepayment penalty

  • Loan sanctioned within no time if application and documentation fulfilled as per requirement.

  • Interest on a monthly reducing balance basis.


Criteria for Loan Sanctioning

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • Last Month Pay Slip/Income proof at the time of loan sanctioning

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Secured Loan / Loan against Deposits


We are also facilitating the menbers to meet their requirements against their deposits on following terms.

  • Facility of loan against Fixed/Recurring deposits with the society is available up-to 90 % of investment on 1 (one) % extra interest on prevailing interest rates on deposits.

  • Facility of loan against fixed deposit up-to 70 % of deposited amount in which interest is paid quarterly by the society/received by the depositor is also avialable on 1 (one) % extra interest on prevailing interest rates on deposits.

  • Facility of loan against Special “Ladli-Lal Yojana”(Recurring Deposit) is also available up-to 90% of deposits on 1% extra interest on prevailing interest rates on deposits.

  • Loan against properties/invetment in LIC/Govt. Security Bonds is also avilable as per title of documents/invested amount in LIC/Govt. Security Bonds as per the terms of the society.


Fixed and Recurring Deposits

As approved by the Managing Committee w.e.f. 01.05.2023


Special “Ladli-Lal Yojana”(Recurring Deposit)

As approved by the Managing Committee w.e.f. 01.05.2023